Phone app alerts you when your home brewed beer is ready

If you’re a serious beer drinker, you’ll want to know about Brewie … a system that lets you brew your own craft beer — without doing all the work.  Co-founder Pal Marcel explains.

“The biggest problem with brewing is that it takes a lot of time, so we wanted to avoid that. Therefore, we came up with a system where after we put in the ingredients in the machine you don’t have to be around the machine. You can follow the whole process via the internet, from your PC, tablet or smartphone and you can not only monitor it but you can even control it.”

Marcel and his beer loving Budapest partners launched a crowd-funding campaign which raised enough money to produce the Brewie in just nine days.  The Brewie sets itself apart from other machines by using a Radio-frequency identification card that contains all the information about the brew.  It has a fully automated menu with 200 pre-set brewing processes for specific types of beers. The machine controls the timing and temperature. After cooking and then fermenting for a few days, the Brewie app on the user’s phone alerts them when their home brew is ready.  To see how good this home brew really is, we turned to Dutch craft beer brewer Roderick Goosens.

“When I tasted it I couldn’t tell it apart … Smooth, well-balanced beer that has a nice bite on the back of the tongue and I think you can drink it like all day long.”

Now that’s an endorsement!  But perhaps one of the most attractive features of the Brewie is the price — a pint of craft beer averages out to about 0.30 cents (USD).  The team says they’re just about ready to roll out units in Argentina, Europe, Indonesia and the United States.

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