Gazan man creates solar cooker in backyard

Gaza resident creates solar cooker in his backyard to challenge constant electricity and gas cuts.

Amid the enclave’s power cuts, a Gazan man has found a way to cook his food without having to rely on gas or electricity.  Engineer Khaled Bsheir has made use of the year-round sunshine to provide a solution to Gaza’s constant power outages.

He created an easy-to-use alternative solar-powered cooker.

“It is clear to everyone what we suffer from in this city, the constant shortage of electricity where we stay without electricity for long hours, we also suffer from shortage of gas for cooking. Sometimes the ordinary Palestinian cannot afford to buy gas. The wood and the coal are expensive. This is from where the idea started, trying to find an alternative and free method for cooking, which is to use sun rays, and as you can see I use this method for cooking for seven to eight months in the year without paying a penny on electricity or gas for cooking and I stopped being worried about the shortage of gas,” Bsheir told Reuters Television.

The solar-powered cooker is made from a wooden box with a small door to insert the food into. It has a special glass top to absorb the sun rays.

Bsheir’s family has been using the solar cooker for months now, at relatively low cost.

“As for the cost, if we use high quality materials which can last for more than 15 years, the cost (of the cooker) will be about 700NIS (183 U.S. Dollar),” he said.

After seeing the benefits of his invention, Bsheir has gained popularity for creating solar-powered cookers in the strip. He has so far created 30 solar cookers for family members and friends.

Ahmad Khaled is one of them.

“We are suffering from the gas shortage, most of the time there is no gas. When we run out of gas, we panic. But now I can use this for seven to eight months and I buy only one or two cylinders of gas a year,” said Khaled.

A typical meal takes between one-and-a-half hours and two hours to be cooked.

The ingredients of the meal can be added all at once, rather than gradually as in traditional cooking methods, says Bsheir.

The Gaza Strip only has one power station, which supplies the Palestinian enclave with up to two-thirds of its energy needs.


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