Mobile underground bomb shelter can be assembled in 90 minutes

STORY: Some people always want to be prepared and now they can be. Even for the direst of situations … with their very own mobile bomb shelter.  Peter Kirtsi, of Terramil, the Estonian company producing the shelters, says they’ve been tried and tested.  “We have tested it now against a range of different weapons, starting from mortars 81 mm and ending up with different howitzer classes and the biggest of them being 155 and as you can see there is no damage here. In order to get better results, we have also had some local charges planted on top of the shelter and on the sides of the shelter and we have measuring equipment inside to measure the pressure, vibration, sound levels, everything like this that can be dangerous for people inside. And again we have had no damage to the shelter so far.”  Inside there is enough space to sleep 12 people. The company says that each unit can be reconfigured to include generators, refrigerators and other necessities.  The structure is made of plastic for the most part, which makes it light and portable, although an excavator is needed to dig underground.  Kirtsi adds that it’s the combination of technology and nature that make the shelter so effective.  Terramil began selling the portable bomb shelters this year, and say they’re seeing interested clients from all over the world.  “Every region where there is some crisis at hand or there is some potential danger… then you can just protect yourself and start developing these systems to hide away.”  Being prepared doesn’t come cheap — a 12-bunk, moderately equipped bomb shelter runs just under $20 thousand U.S. dollars.


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