Japan’s chef of the future is a robot

Motoman SDA5 knows his way around a kitchen.  He can mix, chop and fry … and has the unique ability to mimic human arm movement. His deft skills are making this woman’s heart beat a little faster.  Motoman is just one of the latest developments on display at a food industry expo in Japan.

A few booths down an evolution for the assembly line. Manufacturer Furukawa Kikou shows off a machine that does something we thought nearly impossible.  The “SWITL” moves things from one place to another and keeps everything intact, even liquid or paste.  Furukawa Kikou’s Manager of Development Division, Takuya Furukawa: “This machine is devised to scoop up soft material like hamburger patties or dough and put them into ovens or freezers without spoiling their shapes.”

Speaking of shapes, Suzumo Machinery has a sushi chef that pretty much dumbs down the art and ensures that anyone can get a perfect roll.  The price tag for this super sushi maker — more than $16 thousand U.S. dollars, and Hiroshi Monden of Suzumo Machinery Co. LTD says they’ve already sold more than 1,500 units to foreign customers.  “Sushi has been spread to the world, but sushi chefs — not as much. With this machine, anybody can make sushi repeatedly and easily.”

681 companies are showing off cool and interesting technology at this year’s show, so keep your eyes peeled, one of these robots may soon be at a restaurant near you.

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