Mood-changing wearable tech sets pulses racing

The makers of ‘doppel’ call it the next generation of wearable technology – one that can actually change the mood of the user.

Similar in size and shape to a wristwatch, doppel provides a tactile beat to the wearer’s wrist.

Co-developer and Chief Technical Officer Andreas Bilicki:  “In the same way that upbeat music can excite you or bring you up, make you more alert; doppel does this. And it does the same thing with the downbeat tempo which you feel calming you down and even helping you to sleep…As far as we are aware, no one else has developed this type of technology — it’s a new breed of wearable that actually allows you to change the way you feel in a natural and simple way. ”

Bilicki is part of a team of scientists, engineers and designers who formed Team Turquiose to make doppel a reality.

Co-Founder Jack Hooper explained how they were inspired by psycho-physiology – the way a person’s mind and body affect each other.  “We wear it on the inside of the wrist rather than the outside of the wrist, as you can see. And that’s because, because this is a psychological mechanism, having doppel’s pulse where you expect feel your own pulse amplifies the effect.”

Doppel is synchronized to each individual via a smartphone app that measures their resting heart rate.

To control the level of doppel’s pulse, the wearer simply presses the face to make the beat faster or strokes the bezel to slow the pace.

Co-Founder and Head of Design Nell Bennett says it offers more than the current crop of wearable tech that often just monitor the body’s activity.  “We feel that technology, and certainly wearables, need to step beyond that to become something that becomes truly integrated seamlessly into people’s lives. So, we wanted to make a wearable that was about changing how you feel; not just giving you nagging stats and statistics on how many steps you may or may not have walked that day.”

Team Turquoise say they have successfully tested the device on more than a hundred people and had its effects independently verified.

They recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to turn their prototypes into consumer-ready models.

If successful, they hope the lucrative wearable tech market will soon be marching to a new beat.

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